Gula Gula is an initiative of CO2 Operate B.V.

The social enterprise CO2 Operate B.V. was founded in 2008 by Paul Burgers and is the parent company behind the Gula Gula Food Forest Programme. As a recognised environmental barometer consultant, CO2 Operate works with the client to gain insight into the company's ecological footprint or across the entire chain of the product or service. CO2 emissions are a crucial factor in reducing the footprint before offsetting it.

Generation of CO2 Operate

"The whole plan once originated in Indonesia when I was engaged in my long-term field research in the field of forest agriculture as buffer zone around a National Park in front of the 'World Agroforestry Centre' in Sumatra, Indonesia. The locals kept telling me: 'We are now helping you with your career by sharing our experiences with you. But alreadyIf you go back to the Netherlands with all those data and findings, we hope that you will help us build a better life.

Once back in The Netherlands gave me the opportunity to write down my work as part of a doctoral research project. With each completed chapter of my dissertation, the urge to make their degraded farmland productive again in a sustainable and profitable way became ever greater. A few years after defending my thesis, CO2 Operate B.V. was a fact."

Paul Burgers

Sustainability goals

Meanwhile, CO2 Operate provides a unique way of CO2 offsetting, with the growing number of partners demonstrably contributing to the recovery of degraded agriculture. With the investment in Gula Gula, companies no longer have to choose between ecological or social impact. Gula Gula has both. In this way, all our customers demonstrably contribute to various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Direct SDGs

Spin off SDGs

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