A tailor-made package

At Gula Gula we evaluate your activities to create a tailor-made package. This means that every company and organization, whether large or small, is able to benefit. Through CO2Operate B.V., our parent company, we provide reliable and high-quality carbon footprint assessments. Through Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) of a product or service, you gain key information throughout the entire supply chain necessary to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts. This allows for clear offsetting targets which can be invested to extend the food forest in West Sumatra. By purchasing carbon certificates, you can also opt to protect the current food forest. Or you can support the Gula Gula food forest for a certain period of time, and get a decent return on investment. No matter the choice, you can always use our solutions to supply consumers and investors with information on environmental standards and performance. Below are three opportunities to advance the sustainability agenda of your operations. Other options can also be discussed.

Or donate now

It’s also possible to support Gula Gula by donating to the programme. Big or small. All the contributions are more than welcome and help the food forest grow. There are also possibilities to make recurring donations. Please get in touch to find out the possibilities.

Donate now

An investmentwith an impact

With an investment a company contributes to our work by reducing substantial amounts of CO2. Our yearly carbon measures showed that the Food Forest offsets a minimum of 150-250 ton CO2 per ha.

For every company

It has never been this easy. Companies invest in a food forest and compensate their CO₂ surplus. Every company, small or big, can directly make a measurable social and ecological impact. Every company that works together with Gula Gula is able to show its stakeholders the exact annual compensated CO2.

More information?

Do you have an inquiry? Or do you like to receive some more details? We are happy to provide you with the right information and maybe work together to make a meaningful impact.