We lost something beautiful

We have lost something beautiful on this planet. We lost a forest. A forest seven times the size of the Netherlands. Over the past 25 years, this forest disappeared remarkably fast. What used to be green, flourishing and full of life is now dead. In fact, over 30 million hectares of forest in Indonesia have been lost as a result of deforestation.

A flourishing food forest

Gula Gula is a social enterprise dedicated to the development and maintenance of food forests all around the world. In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, we developed a unique, simple and cheap method for local Indonesian farmers to create a flourishing forest out of degraded land by letting nature work. Gula Gula’s Food Forest shows us how people can live in harmony with nature, and make a decent income.

Our impact

Thanks to carbon off-setting and investments from both start-ups and well-established companies, our ever growing Gula Gula Food Forest already provides superior livelihoods and decent incomes to almost 150 participating farming households. In the village where the programme is implemented, around 1600 families benefit indirectly from a restoring ecosystems which regulate water flows, while a more diverse supply of different tree products improves food security and health. 


CO2 analysis
€500one-time analysis
  • Complete CO₂ analysis
  • Tailored advice on how to offset your unavoidable emissions


Join the movement and help expanding the food forest starting from
€18on average onwards per ton CO2
  • Detailed investment plan for maximum impact
  • Contribute to over 5 different SDG's in an integrated way
  • Tailored to small and large investments
  • Possibility to off-set large amounts of CO2


Protect and conserve the Gula Gula Food Forest
€12per ton CO2 and receive your certified CO2 certificate
  • Explicit impact
  • Your investment directly supports the continuous protection of the forest and provides additional income for the cooperatives

Let's make an impact together!

All of our clients can proof their commitment to a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) including: No poverty (1), Life on land (15), Climate action (13), Zero Hunger (2), Good health & well-being (3), Quality education (4), Decent work & economic growth (8), Peace, justice & strong institutions (16).