The Gula Gula Food Forest

Gula Gula is a thriving forest in the middle of a degraded area in West Sumatra. A beating heart amidst all the deforestation. The Gula Gula food forest is a shining example of how we can deal with people, the environment and nature. We use a simple method developed using the results of scientific research (by scientist & founder Paul Burgers) and in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) to make degraded land productive again.

The result

In West Sumatra, the local population can re-use degraded land as a food forest with the deployment of few resources through Gula Gula's unique approach. The farmers can once again live off their land and develop themselves. 

Our impact

About 1600 people live in the village near the Gula Gula food forest. There are now 111 farmers and 86 families active in the Gula Gula food forest. The farmers each manage an average of one hectare of forest which they can live on well. There is even a waiting list of more than 100 farmers who are eager to get started. 

Our approach

Thanks to Gula Gula's unique approach, we have restored the ecosystem of the degraded land in five years. Click below to learn more about our approach.

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